Heroes art 19 xl
Origin Aernia
Age 10
Hair Red
Eyes Red
In the series
Occupation Hero
Monster Goblu
First Appearance -
Vulkay is one of the main characters of Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks. He is 10 years old and his partner monster is Goblu.


Trainee at the school for Heroes. The type who acts before thinking. While his tendency to act without considering the consequences tends to land him in trouble, his intuitive actions tend to minimize any breaches. His parents are active-duty Heroes, so he has the right pedigree for this, but in order to spare him difficulties that arose because of their being Heroes, they put him in the custody of Master Ore, the head of the Heroes training school, when he was still a baby. In order to hide that Vulkay was the child of these two, this has been kept from Vulkay himself. For that reason, he’s been raised with no knowledge of his parents. However, one day, after hearing from the other students that the expectations of their parents and home towns spurred them to do better at their training, Vulkay feels an emptiness when he realizes that he lacks these connections and loses his enthusiasm for training to be a Hero. However, upon learning from Master Ore that he isn’t alone and does have parents who love him, he pulls himself together. Further, Vulkay’s ragged cape was worn by his father up til the moment he gave his son up. As far as his pursuit of becoming a Hero, he appreciates the maxim that one must be “strong and cool”, however, seeing a classmate seriously injured in the tournament to become a Hero, he comes to question having powers and the meaning of fighting. While he tends to clash with Gael, who tends to intellectualize everything, the two of them appreciate each other from the bottom of their hearts. Sophie, the heroine, has feelings for him, but he’s oblivious to them. However, he doesn’t like his rival Gael getting so close to her. The monsters he summons are fire users, according to his own attributes, and most tend to be hot tempered.

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